Michael James

Michael James


Home Life…First, my family, I mean, if my family doesn’t support me, how can I expect South Jersey rockers too, right?

Relax Time…Weekends on my boat, with either my buddy “Captain” or his pal “Jack” with some ice and cola…and oh yeah, my wife comes along too!  Jumping waves on my Sea Doo is a blast

Sports…I am a homer for the Phila. teams, but really love to watch any good quality sport!  Highlight of my life, was trying out for the Phillies at a tryout camp as a young infielder and doing really well until they found out I was blind in one eye!  Also playing hockey with the Flyers Alumni Team was very cool too!  In fact I still play ice hockey in the old farts league.  Enjoy a round of golf, bowling, & softball too!

Music… Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, ah hell I like it all.  I have been a DJ all my life, from my clubs days to my radio days.  I even still do weddings and parties, so I stay up on all types of music.  So if you need me, give me a shout, I have to pay for that BIG BOAT I have!

TV Favorites…Changes every time I change the channel!

Other Stuff…I own a media company that features mobile digital marketing.
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